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SMS Marketing

we provide special service with high speed internet connection up to 16MB to assure highest rate of delivery. Within the platform you can choose to send to our local database of over 2 millions records.

Email Marketing

from time to time we organize big Email campaigns. We have divided the records to 8 divisions each of 160,000 email records.

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Content writing

is an incredibly convenient way to write anything in a professional way. Writing according to your exact requirements. 100% satisfaction Guaranteed, and unlimited revisions.


Take your cards to the next level with exclusive and innovative features.

Online Services

Website development

The Proper Website - "Do it Right or Fail to Compete" NMI is proud to introduce to you the most powerful web solution. A web solution is a bundle of online systems that help businesses archieve their marketing and business objectives.

E-Commerce solution

Your business can benefit from the growing popularity of online shopping with eCommerce platform readily available for your eCommerce website. To help you get started with your e shop, we've invented our eCommerce website builder and best eCommerce site. That’s right, you’re about to get all the best eCommerce sites to sell online, in one place. The best eCommerce platform is designed to help you create an online shop regardless of programming or web design experience.

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Knowledge, obtained in high school, is not sometimes enough
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Reseller program

Our team will help you find and choose a reseller solution for big corporations and famous companies, according to your wishes and needs.



Every millionaire knows: properly investing only 10% of your income you can become a billionaire in just a few years. With the help of this reseller program you can learn all about the most profitable types of investing and learn how to work with us. It is required for anyone

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a crucial function in any business or organization, and is increasingly important in the modern globalized economy. Our course will introduce learners to Email marketing strategies and tools that are used extensively in the marketing

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Our e-commerce solution introduces you to the world of online shopping and is useful to those who wish to sell their products online. The platform we have will help you sell online starting today.

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